can i use my own panel for hosting administration?

no you can’t.

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You have non-root access to a shell, access to mail and ftp servers, and an apache instance per domain. If you are a good enough programmer there is no reason why you couldn’t write a “panel” for administering your hosting. :wink: .

If you are asking about installing your own version of cPanel to administer hosting facilities outside of your user space for reselling or branding the answer is “no”.

Dreamhost has a custom Control Panel for managing various aspects of your account, users, databases, stats, mail, etc. that, in conjunction with the shell is orders of magnitude more flexible and powerful than cPanel; once you become comfortable with it you will never be satisfied with cPanel again.

It is not, however, structured for fully branded reselling.


what do you want to do exactly with cpanel ?

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year, i’m already thinking about my own :wink:

it’s a secret :slight_smile:

Unless you intend to resell your hosting and want to ‘brand’ the panel so your clients don’t know they are ultimately hosted by DreamHost, I would forget all about cPanel. As rlparker said; The custom DreamHost panel is superior to cPanel in almost every way.

Honestly, if the lack of this branding ability really bothers you, then you may be better off looking elsewhere for your hosting. There are hosting companies that specialize in reseller accounts, but DreamHost is not one of them.

Of-course, if you go elsewhere, you will be missing out on perhaps the best value hosting packages available. :slight_smile:


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