In another system, I had access to cPanel. It included a File Manager that I found very helpful. One could use it to do the obvious file mangement and house-keeping functions, but its main asset was that it was relatively user-friendly. Certainly much more so for a newbie than anything I have been able to find so far on DreamHost.
If anyone is familiar with cPanel, could you tell me if anything like that exist here? You can see what I mean at:



Almost everything you could possibly need is available at It has most of the features of cPanel, but with lots of other interesting stuff as well.

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I should have been more specific. The File Manager in cPanel. I have not seen anything that simple on DreamHost. If you are familiar with it, you will appreciate why I did not see its functions in
Thanks for the response, though. I really wish DreamHost had something like it. The Control Panel is not it!


Why not just use a proper FTP client, like SmartFTP?

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Save $97 on yearly plans with promo code [color=#CC0000]SCJESSEY97[/color]


I have cPanel on two other servers and File Manager is useful. But using DreamHosts Control Panel together with an FTP client like cuteftp, smartftp or filezilla broadens your horizons and increases your knowledge.

cPanel is a licensed system that you pay for continually, and who knows if it will continue forever.

The problem I find with File Manager is that it is slow and requires so many screen redraws all the time. It is fine for working with single files but when you have a complex site or need to upload a few hundred files quickly it is a real bind working with File Manager. With an FTP client you can drag and drop in one swoop.

It really is best to widen your scope rather than focus on just a small section.



The last 2 replies were helpful. I did, in fact, go for an ftp client (Transmit for the Mac OS). I was hoping to dumb out a bit. I confess it! It’s been a long time since I worked with a mainframe as a server. Can you guys recommend a site for some how-to? I am less than thrilled with the DH wiki. For example, I know that I should have an index file somewhere, somehow, so that I can protect outsiders from looking at my directories. But I have no idea how to do it. Where do you go for that kind of help or is this forum it?

Thanks again for the replies.


Just a simple file will do. It can even be empty.
Just call it index.html or index.htm or home.html etc and upload it to the folder/directory which is named after your domain name. (unless you changed the root document directory).

Then when you have learned some HTML you can add it to your index.html file.

Yes you can find answers here or via Google.



You can also use htaccess to turn of directory listings. The difference between this an a index file is you’ll get a page (blank or other) when you use an index file, and if you use .htaccess you’ll get a 403 forbidden error.



FTP + SSH >>>>>>>>>> cPanel File Manager.

I wish I could dump the File Manager on another host for SSH.


[quote]It included a File Manager that I found very helpful


Check out the new



^^ :slight_smile: he was faster!

They just put it to work an webftp interface to manage everything from your browser (personally I prefer a FTP client).
You can access it at

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its still kind of cool.


"Check out the new "

I did as soon as I saw it in the newsletter and saw it was NOT for UNreal! It’s great for what I need. The fact that I can work from another computer is important to me because I travel abroad a lot and there are situations where I cannot use my own laptop with my client software.


The webftp as well as any ftp client cannot unzip. SSH solves this but is not intuitive for a number of folks who are otherwise fine with the rudimentary aspects of purchasing a domain, installing a 1-click cms, and go. Which is cool to have that kind of access. I kinda wanted cpanel just to make unzipping updates easy. That and aside from file, path, and other issues with uploading an already unzipped cms indicates that a simple solution would be nice is all.