CPanel User Access

Hi, I would like to give my developer access to my DreamHost control panel. However I do not want to give them access to my email. Is there a way of setting this up ? My developer has to set up a Mysql database. Thanks, Jon

  1. Dreamhost does not use Cpanel :slight_smile:

  2. Yes you can give them access to your Dreamhost panel. Go to user - create new account and you can pick out the privellage there.

  3. HE can then set up his own database (if the privellage was given to him).

I am adding a Shell account (Users> Add New Users > Shell account). I hope that’s right. I didn’t know dreamhost sold oil :slight_smile: Many thanks.

A shell user will not have panel access.

To give someone access to your panel you need to create a new WEBID and grant that WEBID the panel privileges you want them to have.

This can be done by going to Billing -> Account Privileges in the panel.


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