Cpanel problems fix

If you are having problems getting the web control panel to work - particularly, it won’t add or edit email addresses; it may be due to settings in your browser. IE6 seems to have problems, but Mozilla Firefox 1.7.5 works fine.

Simple answer: Until DH posts their recommended IE browser settings (for Tools - Internet Options - Advanced), and you have problems with the web panel; just use Firefox.


Recommending Firefox (or anything else other than IE) is a good recommendation in any case.

– Dan

Yep, but it I’ve discovered that that no php works on my website on DreamHost EXCEPT in firefox. What the heck is DH doing that is so unusual?

Every day is a new frustration with DreamHost that I don’t experience with any of the other hosting companies I use.

I run several sites powered though PHP, hosted in dreamhost, and they work with any browser. Not sure why it wouldn’t work for you? possibly you chould contact support directly concerning this.

PHP is a server side script that runs on the server and sends output to the browser. It doesn’t have anything to do with what browser you are using, so it’s probably your code that’s wrong somewhere. When I started using Firefox, I realised my site wasn’t working properly in it. That’s because my HTML/CSS wasn’t stanard/correct. IE is actually very good at parsing web pages and making them look good. Firefox is less forgiving.

FWIW not experienced here. Perhaps the cause is different cookies.