cPanel modified 2 accounts, now all sites broken

I have a cPanel dedicated server. I have 2 web hosting accounts where I modified the domains placing the work backup before them and the word back before the user name.

Example: with login: user1

I changed to: with login backuser1

And with login: user1

I changed to: with login backuser2

After doing that, I switched them back to the original. And this is where all the problems started.

I could not visit all hosting accounts (200+ of then)

I tried to restart httpd and I was getting Invalid group errors for Group domain1 and Group domain2.

After fixing that, still visiting all sites gives me browser timeout errors.

Techsupport of the datacenter was useless, and they recommend that i order a slave drive, do backups and they will reformat the whole thing again.

Maybe someone knows the exact problem when accounts are modified and modified back, then all accounts suddenly do not work anymore.

I have SSH access to the server and knows how to edit the httpd.conf file.

I’m screwed. I got 200+ people complaining already.

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