Cpanel importer from Bluehost issues


Hi there everybody. As I said in my first topic a couple of days ago, I have been attempting to transfer my website hosting to Dreamhost. I have multiple websites currently hosted with Bluehost, most of them are Wordpress installations.

After my account was verified by Dreamhost, I discovered their Cpanel importer. I attempted to use the first method of importing from a Cpanel installation, configuring their online one to download the files from my old host. However, all it ever did was fail and send me an email saying:

It appears the login information you provided us to your cPanel at

However, I’m certain that I entered the correct username and password, could it be that the URL for the cpanel installation is incorrect? I didn’t think so, I was told the same thing by Bluehost support, they told me that’s the Cpanel link.

Next, I moved onto the import from already uploaded archive option. Unfortunately, after taking all of the time to upload the file, it told me that the import file had to be a .tar.gz file, which isn’t clearly specified.

Now I ask you this. What is the best way to go about importing my old Cpanel installation then, if their bloody Cpanel importing tool won’t function correctly?


Tell Support it’s failing on you and have them try to do it on your behalf.

You might tar.gz the data over at BH and wget it from shell at DH to ease transfer handling.

…or extract the data you’ve already uploaded and tar.gz it here.


Extract the data and tar.gz it? I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand.


I believe BlueHost removed the standard cpbackup system, and made their own integration.

It breaks most cpanel imports.


Yeah. After talking to a Bluehost customer service rep through their livechat system, I can confirm what you’re saying is true. However, it should still work if I import it via a .tar.gz cpanel backup that I upload, right?


Probably not, as I’m sure they changed the format.

Your only choice is to tar up your home dir, export db’s and restore them all manually.