CPanel Importer difficulties

I am trying to recreate my WordPress blog from what was described to me as a “CPanel compatible” backup file. So I used DH’s CPanel Importer (beta). It ran in just a few minutes, and I received two emails declaring “success” in CPanel migration and MySQL import. However, when I went to the associated link I saw that it had “failed,” and I was offered the opportunity to run it again. This time I received only one email, reporting CPanel migration success. At the CPanel Importer screen I see “success,” and clicking there shows me that it has “successfully copied data over” for my domain and a couple of subdomains (failing on an old domain that I didn’t recall I ever used for this blog and certainly don’t need now).

However, my blog does not appear, I still get the DH “coming soon” page. The nameservers were updated over a week ago.

Evidently there is something else I need to do, but what might it be? Also, if I seek tech support from DH, which category (website, webpanel, database, other) do I check?

Id open a support ticket for either website or webpanel and let them help.


I see you have a ticket open! Looking into this for you now. I’ll keep you updated!
Just emailed you! Looks like you just need to modify your web directory (which I’ve done for you) and edit your wp-config.php file (which you will need to do). It’s all explained in the email. Reply there if you have any follow-up questions for me. Thanks! :slight_smile: