cPanel Importer-databases appear empty

I have a site called with 2 Joomla databases and 1 Wordpress database on another hosting service. I did a full backup there and created a new user on my account server to match the user on the source server. I copied the backup to the new user root cesorg after logging in as cesorg. The importer ran and I now seem to have all my files in a and subdirectories. The problem is that when I examine the freshly created databases, they appear empty. One thing of note is that the database user has been set to cesorg instead of cesorg_admin and cesorg_database like in the original system. I also received a note after the import that the ftp and mysql user passwords could not be carried over. Are the databases actually empty or do I just have to do something else to get their true size to report? I am also concerned that the mysql hostnames are still my type names and I can’t create any other hostnames until I change the DNSs to Dreamhost. I didn’t want to do that until I was sure everything was there and set up properly. Dave Mohr,, 818-590-0573. HELP, my old hosting service is going out of business!!!