CPanel Importer and DH support in general

I was summarily evicted from my prior host and need a new home for my WordPress blog. With the eviction notice I received a "full backup of your account which contains all your files and databases. Note that this is CPanel compatible and if you acquire new CPanel hosting you can restore this backup to a mirror image of what you had with us."
Reviewing hosting options, DreamHost seems to offer a good combination of reasonable cost with competent support. But DH’s CPanel importer is “beta,” and I suspect I’ll need to get help using it to restore my blog. I realize there is a money-back guarantee, but I do not want to go thru the difficulty of moving my blog (and domain name) twice so I certainly hope not to use it.
My question for the group here is, should I expect that DH will do whatever is necessary to get the CPanel Importer to load my blog? Or would I be better off using another host, who have CPanel already fully under control, altho the cost might be slightly higher or the support in general might be less helpful?
Thanks for the input.

Just curious: Why were you evicted from your last host?

How big is your cpanel backup?

If you have the database for your old WP site and the files themselves, you can always do a more traditional move. I believe the benefit of cpanel is that it brings your email settings along too, but I may be wrong there.

I refrained from saying why in order to focus on what I need now. However, since you ask, the eviction notice began: “Due to multiple server overloads and based on our terms of service and hosting agreement we have cancelled your hosting account with us.”

My little blog only got a dozen or three visits per day, and is light on graphics, so I doubt that the traffic was more than 10 or 20 mb per day. Of course, since the account has been cancelled, I cannot see whether maybe something happened yesterday to cause a problem.

In a subsequent message, my former host said “We are sorry for the inconvenience caused but we were pressured by the other inhabitants of this server to either stop the overloading or they would cancel their contracts.” Not very sorry I guess, as they did not even offer to upgrade me to a more costly option. This particular host uses an obscure measure, “percent of processor” or something like that, and provides no warning when one is approaching a limit. It’s really quite strange, as their support was pretty good during the time I was with them, even when I screwed up the site all by myself they explained promptly and clearly what I needed to do to fix it.

What they sent me is a tar.gz file of 438 mb, which when decompressed is something over 500 mb, with a couple dozen directories including a mysql directory of something like 50 mb. Presumably I have the complete site, including images. I also did regular backups using WordPress tools, but these are much smaller, 1.9 mb. I don’t know what’s missing from them.

A “more traditional move” might be the way to go, but it’s not “traditional” for me as I’ve never moved a WordPress blog before, so I don’t know how simple or difficult it might be.

Other than copying the WordPress and other site files into the corresponding folder, it’s all about the database. That’s the difference between a working blog and nothing.

You have nothing to lose to try the cPanel import, using your archive (compressed) as a source. It’s small enough that it might be OK. When imported, I had to do the databases manually, but one of them was about 600MB all by itself.