cPanel Import Issues


Im trying to move my site to dream host and Im having some trouble

I exported a cPanel back up from my old host(lunarpages) and had it FTP’ed directly from lunarpages to my home directory at dreamhost(/home/bizno)

When the export was complete it looks like it extracted the tar file into my home directory…Can I now just move all these files to the root directory…or do I need the tar file to be intact so I can run a script on it from the dreamhost import page


I believe the c-panel importer want the compressed tar-ball to be intact (not extracted).

Several options exist for moving directories around, you could log in via some term client such as PuTTY and use the move (mv) command at the shell prompt. Also many FTP/SFTP will have a “move to” function that’s not always obvious in the GUI as it’s not used as often.

Norm for extacting would be to leave the source file present. Have you looked for it (should end in .tar.gz), if it’s there perhaps you can clean up by deleting what was extracted and then giving tht file name to the c-panel importer in the panel.