cPanel ID needed for 3rd-pary app install?

Hello there.
I wanted to know the correct way to install a custom app, on to my dreamhost domain, the installer executes as far as it allows me to input the required user settings and database fields which are all fine, its just that when it gets to the cPanel ID and Password it has problems. I know dreamhost, doesn’t have the same cPanel as most other hosting companies out there! Is there a way I can have this app have this cPanel access as it would with a standard cPanel system? as in would this type of system work with dreamhost? The app itself is a custom word-press type site and creation system, as well as domain linking to these custom wordpress site installs. So it needs certain access privileges that maybe only the standard cPanel system may allow.

Thanks in advance I don’t want to have to go and open another hosting account with another company, as I do like dreamhosters very much!

I have never before seen a web application which required the login/password to your hosting control panel, and I would avoid any such application, as it’s a huge security risk — if the application has your control panel username/password stored somewhere, that means that, if the software gets hacked, the hacker has access to your control panel password.

What sort of software is this?