Cpanel and phpmyadmin


Hello, Iam new to DreamHost, where is the Cpanel and phpmyadmin, I dont see them in my Panel. Doesn’t dreamhost have Cpanel its a great tool to have


DreamHost does not use cPanel - there own much more useful and powerful “Web Control Panel” is reached via You can reach phpmyadmin for each MySQL host you have created by simply browsing to that host in a web browser or by clicking the “phpmyadmin” link in the Control Panel -> Goodies -> Manage MySQL screen.

Nope! DreamHost does not use cPanel at all … and once you get used to the DreamHost Web Control Panel, and the abililty to use the shell, you will never be again be satisfied with a cPanel interface to control your web space. :wink:



I agree with rlparker, my “other” web host is a cpanel host. I had them first and switched most of my sites over to Dreamhost after I got Dreamhost. To me, the Dreamhost panel and especially the default arrangement of your web directories is more straightforward. In particular, I could never get comfortable with cPanel’s handling of web directories for subdomains and also of domains other than your “initial” domain.

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Thanks for the quick replies people, but can anyone tell me how can I create an 404 Error Page, you know in Cpanel there was a option of creating a Custom Error Page, how may I accomplish this in DH’s panel.


That really should have been a new thread (so that others can find the subject more easily), but here ya go. You don’t do it from “the panel” but there are a couple of ways you can do it.

There is the “traditional” way on Apache servers:

And there is the “special DreamHost way” that some find easier: