Cpanel and Fantastico

Does DreamHost plan to add this tools some day?:
and fantastico?

Because it would be great if this tools were available in DreamHost


Fantastico isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I, personally, don’t like it. It requires one DB per application (meaning, you can’t have more than one app if you’re only allocated 1 DB). It doesn’t use tablename prefixes.

Dreamhost has something like it, better and more configurable. It’s OneClick installation, under the ‘Goodies’ tab. You can use an already existing DB, or a new one. And I’m pretty sure it uses table prefixes, but I hadn’t used it personally.

I can say I’m pretty sure they will never implement cPanel and they already have their own Panel, the entire Dreamhost panel;

What is it you like about Cpanel? We have our own web panel so we have no plans to ever use Cpanel ourselves but we may be able to incorporate some specific features you like about it. Is it just familiarity with the interface? We obviously couldn’t add in that ‘feature’. :sunglasses:

Since we have 100% control over our own web panel we are able to add in features requested by our own customer base in a way that we think best serves you. We think that’s worth the extra effort we have to put in to maintain it ourselves.

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I like Dreamhost’s panel (I wont say better than cpanel, but certainly not worse) except for Speed.

cPanel changes (at least on my current host) happen immediatly, but Dreamhost’s panel changes take time to propogate through the system.

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///// Does DreamHost plan to add this tools some day?:
I register in forums, and talking about this post I opened:

I see some good advantanges in cpanel because:
*You can use cpanel to install scripts very fast, or you can use phpmyadmin to edit or install new stuff manually (so, both features are available)
*There are a lot of Open source Scripts in Fantastico (about 47) and they already come with language Packs (example: spanish)…
*Cron jobs are just one clic
*Backups, Restores and change of host are pretty fast, so, if I use a cpanel hosting company, and want to move to another host with cpanel, It is just needed to provide login information of my cpanel, to my new hosting, and they move all very fast
*Uninstall of scripts are fast too

Now, about what you say:
“It requires one DB per application (meaning, you can’t have more than one app if you’re only allocated 1 DB)”

Of course I dont like a hosting that offer only one DB, I have seen some cpanel hosting companies, that offer unlimited DB (so, this is not a problem), but I have not found I cpanel hosting company with good bandwith and price like DreamHost, thats why I told It would be great if DreamHost could offer some day cpanel


Offering Cpanel would take an enormous amount of trouble and expense. It’s extremely expensive ($1250 per server) and has specific requirements with regard to how your systems are set up and what software you can run.

Cpanel is the kind of thing you have to know you want ahead of time so you can plan your system accordingly. You can’t just drop it in to an existing setup (because, for example, it has to be installed on a fresh OS install).

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

Reducing the amount of time between making a change in the panel and when it is activated on the server is something we are working on. It is one of our long-term priorities at the moment. However, it would be very difficult for us to make changes happen immediately like cPanel.

cPanel runs directly on the hosting server itself (from what I understand) so when you make a change it can perform the action right then and there directly on the server. We specifically designed our own web panel and back-end system to be centralized with a central database that the hosting servers do not have access to for security reasons. Since there is very little important data on the hosting servers, each machine itself is relatively unimportant. We can very easily swap in a new piece of hardware in the event of a system failure and use our back-end system to configure that new piece of hardware as an exact clone of the old one using the information in our central database. That action can be peformed with or without physical or network access to the failed machine. All of your important data is hosted on high availability file servers so it is unaffected. Likewise, in the unfortunate event of a server break-in the attackers do not have access to any of the central data, and when we are notified of the break-in by our system we can replace the affected machine with brand new hardware and a brand new OS in about 20 minutes.

So, since our database is isolated from the hosting servers changes made from the panel have to be sent to the hosting servers and activated. Those activations go into a queue and take a little time. We have the time for the one-click installs down to always less than 10 minutes and sometimes less than 1 minute and we are working on getting that accomplished for the majority of our other services as well.

The developers of cPanel have done a lot of good things with it, but we very much like being in full control of our software as much as we can be and we believe the extra security and fault tolerance of our own system is worth some of the extra overhead and time involved in setting up services. We also don’t like paying any per-server fees for anything we use as that would not allow us to offer the great prices we do now!

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cPanel didn’t exist when we were first developing our own panel, or if it did we had not heard of it. It was definitely not as popular as it is today.

Also, cPanel only handles the server management and does not integrate the accounting and billing side of things. Our web panel fully integrates everything together and we feel that provides a richer experience overall.

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Im not advocating cPanel, like I said your home grown solution is nice and I really don’t have a prefrence between it and cPanel except for the delays.

(I’m not a fan of having every mysql database be a seperate subdomain, but I understand that was done for load ballancing, and it makes sense).

But there are integrated cpanel/Accounting/billing solutions. Client Exec, cPanel and windows host manager seem to work very well together. It would also give you the advantage of being able to sell reseller accounts…

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Ah, good to know!

Our own system actually does have support for reseller accounts with full ‘private label’ branding built-in but we decided to not offer them after we did a poll of our customer-base and didn’t get much interest. That support was written into our software about 3-4 years ago. Little known secret!

Anyway, there is basically no chance of us switching away from our own web panel software. It would be extremely expensive in money and time for us to make any switch of that sort and it would not best serve our customers. This feedback is very much appreciated!

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I was with a cPanel host before I signed up here, and it was the fault tolerance issue that led to the switch. (Long story short, a hardware failure led to my site being down for 2 weeks.)

So, just out of curiosity, I went back and looked at what cPanel features I used that aren’t available here. I did use the cron panel. Instant database creation was convenient, of course. I used disk usage viewer, but that’s hardly an issue with the current quotas. (it’s basically “du.”) I never used Fantastico, because I was at the database limit. There was quite a bit more preinstalled software (Awstats, SpamAssassin, Horde, various Perl and PHP modules.) This was probably the biggest difference, for me. (I installed them myself, although it took some effort.) That’s about it.

Yeah, I know cpanel is expensive, that is bad…

May be in a future it will be cheaper

My suggestion to DreamHost, is in a future to offer a second hosting plan (A cpanel one), and keep current plans also.

So, in this way, customers will be able to chose which one they want, and how much to pay fo it…

Just a Suggestion

I never knew that… what a well kept little known secret.

I think I’ll head over to the suggestions page and put that one in.

And for the record - I LIKE the web panel!

and I’ll vote for it :smiley:

I can remember cPanel back till aprox '97/98 time frame myself. They’ve been around for a while. I know an old host of mine used it back when I was with them from '99-'02.

Besides, aside from the Speed issues of the current DH panel, custom built software is always better as you have full control over the code and you know exactly what you did and why (well … if you used Perl, maybe not, but close!).

[quote]Also, cPanel only handles the server management and does not integrate the accounting and billing side of things. Our web panel fully integrates everything together and we feel that provides a richer experience overall.
This is true. Doesn’t do any accounting of any measure.

Hi again


I think I’ll head over to the suggestions page and put that one in.

Where is the suggestion page?
And is it possible to vote for this? and where?


In your Control Panel, go to Home/Suggestions.
I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

Thanks for your detailed explanation, Dallas. This is very helpful.

By the way, I see that you have shown up more often lately. I wonder if it would be a good idea for you to wear an Admin badge or something. You ARE speaking in official capacity, right? Thanks. - What do you think?

I will add my feelings on Cpanel (coming from a Host that use to use it)… Basically I found Cpanel to be more than a tad limiting and was delighted that DH did not use it!!

My two major sources of concerns with the entire CPANEL concept was around the lack of any meaningful Site Statistics tools that I could never get to balance anyway. Under a CPANEL host it was hard to almost impossible to get access to your realtime raw logs, error logs via programs, if you had access at all…

Plus The cpanel concept of a subdomain is a subdirectory on your main hosting account Shudder which I quickly learnt to hate making organising a site just really horrid

The lack of real time changes is a limitation but for scope DH panel leaves CPANEL far far behind.

Oh as for Fantastico would not touch it with a barge pole, (and yes I have utilised it before)… The (installation) scripts tend to be a hack, poorly configured and I just hated the way they would pile all the applications into a poorly controlled DB.

I have found through many years of sometime hard hosting experiences that the better way is to do it yourself with a host that allow you to be in control.

Yes it means getting your hands dirty but you are in control, and not at the mercy of some thrown together cpanel change or some hacked installation script poorly documented / tested and mass released to the public.

[quote]By the way, I see that you have shown up more often lately. I wonder if it
would be a good idea for you to wear an Admin badge or something. You ARE
speaking in official capacity, right? Thanks.


Most of Dallas’ recent posts have used the “DreamHost Honcho” designator on his signature (that means he’s one of our company’s 4 co-founders). Not enough? I think that makes it fairly clear.

I am happy that Dallas is dropping by here more often, though!

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