cPanel? alternative? wp-content folder?


New to DreamHost. Ready to go back to HG–hating this thing becuase I can’t find cPanel or my files, or the wp-content folder.

Where in the world are the files–esp. wp-content?

Please make it be an easy solution or I’m out of here.
Thanks for the help.
In Tears.


They’re on one of your FTP users. We recommend that you get a downloadable FTP client to access your files; there’s a list on our wiki at There is also a web FTP client (AjaxPlorer) available through the panel using the “WebFTP” link on any of your domains.


Thank you, Andrew. Yes, that’s where I found the answer! Thanks for the reply.
Just wanted to let you all know that I found success. It was a combination of DreamHost Support, Andrew here in the Forum, and the DreamHost FileZilla wiki. (None of which had the "pretty answer that I will share with you, below–I had to put them all together to come up with this soution).

Here’s the answer:

  1. All your WP content, et. al., folders are through the FTP thing.
    Under “Manage Users” pick your domain and “WebFTP Login”.
    The Login credentials were sent to you via email, one of the very first emails from DreamHost. (and change that ugly password to something nice and memorable).
    That’s idea #1–all the files will magically appear. Yeah!

  2. FileZilla. Download that free guy. And to login:
    username (from DreamHost)
    password (hopefully something pretty)
    and port is 21

That worked too.
So, hallelujah, 2 ways, and they both are easy, once I got it figured out.

Good luck in the future FTP-DreamHosting.
Cheers (instead of tears!)


Glad you got to the bottom of this with DreamHost’s help! And good of you to post your solution - always handy for people when searching the forums. Good luck. Dreamhost is a good place to be in my experience so far.