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I’ve yet to install this perl module on my server. I’d figured I post this, tommorow afternoon come back and have some input on how to get this done, and a better idea on it.

What I basically need is an explanation on how to exexute those commands in shell. Would I be able to input the raw command in my FTP Program (Cute FTP Professional) or use something else? If something else what? Also whats a package-manager? The install file mention this making the install easier.

This is a great module for use with Invision Power Board.


Installation :
Section 3.
Use a package-manager if you want to make this easy.
FYI: ActiveState perl comes with one, refer to the docs.
Several versions of linux have their own package managers
(e.g. yum, up2date, apt, rpm).

No package manager? No problem. Run this as root:

perl -MCPAN -e shell

You may have to set up the general configuration of
the CPAN tool here. The default options are pretty safe.

Next, type:

install XML::RSS

The XML::RSS package will be downloaded. You may be asked
to authorize the installation of some prerequisite modules.
Install them all.

Leave the CPAN shell:


So the above is all I have to do, any input is appreciated.

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I don’t think you can access the cpan shell.
I may be wrong, however.

The way I’ve always installed my own modules is;

wget the file to my hosting account from cpan (or wherever).
Extract. Go into directory. perl
Then, make a lib directory at ~/
(So, /home/username/lib)
Then move the category folder into there.

In any .pl or .cgi requiring that perl modules, add this with this at the start of the use declarations:
use lib ‘/home/username/lib’;
Then you can use Perl::Module; as necessary.

For example, support couldn’t/wouldn’t get the newest version of XML::Simple, so I downloaded it, slammed it into ~/tmp (for extraction/creation), did the unpack/perl blah blah blah.

After it’s done, I went into the lib directory and said mv XML ~/lib/

This moved XML and all subfolders (XML/Simple/FAQ.pod and XML/ into /home/username/lib/

And, uhhh
That’s that!
Feel free to ask for further clarification.

Remember, a block of text wrapped by backticks are a command.