CP & Support Email Down

I cannot reach the CP and I get an automated replay saying email to support is down when I send and email.

Anyone know what is going on?

Best Regards,


Just that the panel’s down.

Not fun. But at least it keeps the support requests down.


Yeah, I’ve just set up a load of email addresses which are taking their time in coming live, and the CP’s gone down. Frustrating, but it is Christmas Day, I suppose I should be doing something better than adjusting web hosting settings.

Panel is up for me…


rlparker shows up and the world is in harmony once again! (or someone from DH kicked it and now it’s working)


Not even getting to login screen for me, but officially there’s no problems, according to dreamhoststatus.com.

Edit: There we go; working again. Just be patient, really really patient. :slight_smile:

They need more support help.
Cut the code: [color=#00CC00]9999=$99.99 Off[/color]