CP Catch-22: Domain creation / User creation

Okay, so maybe somebody can point out a way to get around this little Catch-22 that I almost aways run into when I create a new domain in the Control Panel…

When I create a new domain, it’s almost always created in conjunction with a new user.

When creating a new domain, the CP asks which user’s space you want to put the Web directory into.

Fine… but I haven’t created the user yet.

So I go to create the user… and the CP asks which domain I want the user’s mail sent to (user@??)… but… I haven’t created the domain yet.

The only way I’ve found to get out of this loop is to create the user, point their mail at some other domain temporarily (like mine), then create the domain, point the domain at the user, then point the user’s mail at the domain. (sheesh!)

But even then, there have been times when those little alerts in the lower-left corner of the CP stick around for days. “You must complete the following steps before the service is set up” or something like that.

I figure that creating the user first is the way to do it, but how to avoid having to temporarily point the user’s mail where it doesn’t belong?