Coverting to cURL

you know dreamhost don’t allow the fopen function I get this error.

Warning: fopen() [function.fopen]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration

when i get this error, i submit a message contact support, they says to me use cURL.
is my import script, but i don’t know how convert to the cURL?

thanks for help.

This page has a lot of examples of using cURL. Given how the script you posted uses fopen(), the easiest thing for you will be to use cURL to retrieve the URL into the $data variable rather than freading it. The page I reference above does a better job of explaining and demonstrating the cURL options you have to set to do this better than I could.

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The DreamHost Wiki has information about using cURL instead of fopen() as well.

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but i don’t know programming to php,cURL and other programming language.

if anyone know to cURL, please convert it.

From looking at your script, it appears the “author/copyright” info was stripped. This makes it hard to google about and see if someone has already “patched” this code (why re-invent a wheel?).

Have you contacted the script author, or searched in venues relevant to that particular script to see if an undated/curlified version is available or if the author can do the curl conversion for the handling of file$ for you?

Just asking “if anyone know to cURL, please convert it”, seems a bit presumptive. :wink:


Looks like this is the part that’s missing:

// Version: 1.1
// Released: 14th OCTOBER 2007
// Copyright: © 2004-2007. All rights reserved.

(Note that they don’t want that or the footer link removed.)

Anyway, it looks like they do offer a fix for Dreamhost.

You just have to contact their support staff with your order ID.

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I think DH don’t allow fopen “by default”, but you can recompile your own version of php in your shell and set it to allow fopen.

“fopen” is not disabled at all, only “allow_url_fopen” and related functionality is disabled; you can use fopen just fine with local files under your control

Please, don’t enable allow_url_fopen. Compiling your own PHP5 is great if you know what you are doing; running PHP with allow_url_fopen on a shared server is “not so great”. DreamHost disables it in their installations for good reasons. :wink: