Couple Of Questions

Hi all and Happy Holidays.

I first want to say that I am more than impressed with the look and feel of DH.

My first question is whether or not the DH cpanel can be used as a reseller panel of sorts. I have several “clients” that are web design savy that would like to have hosting through me. The nice thing is that I can get them to pay for all of MY hosting needs.

The ther question. If I want to pay for unique ip’s do I have to do that upfront or is that something I can add on.

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It can, but you can’t ‘brand’ the panel, so your clients will always be aware that they are hosted at DreamHost.

You can setup individual FTP users for your clients and place their domains under the control of those users. When they log-in via FTP they will only see the files related to the domains that they control.

You can also create new WEBIDs (panel log-ins) for your clients and give them specific panel ‘privileges’. You can read more about this in the wiki article linked below;

You can add unique IP addresses at any time via the panel, but be aware that, under the DreamHost system, each unique IP can only be assigned to one domain (or sub-domain).


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Happy Holidays to you too :slight_smile:

Are you looking for a private label solution? If not, and your price to your clients isn’t high, maybe you won’t mind that they know that you use DreamHost.

Anyhow, if they are savvy even with a branded web panel they could find out who was the hoster. A traceroute or advanced DNS search would do the trick.


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Unique IPs are a $3.95 per month addon.

There’s nothing quite like shared shared hosting. :slight_smile:

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