Couple of Questions

Hello all!

I have been with dreamhost for nearly a month now, maybe longer. I prepaid for a year using a $97 discount and so far everything has been HEAPS better then my old hosts!

I have a couple of general questions though, if anyone could help me :).

  1. What is a good alternative to Squirrel Mail?

  2. How do I set subdomains and users to have the same file access thing? I can’t figure this out since it always locks the user to another folder… And I can’t find anything on the wiki.

That’s all, just want to say thanks again for everything, especially shell access! Now I can upload a .zip file then ssh into my site then unzip the file (Main thing I love about shell :P).

Thanks Guys,
Josh Taylor (Happy Dreamhost Customer).

A really good alternative to SquirrelMail is RoundCube.

Does dreamhost have imap?

Yes. IMAP rocks.


Yes. DreamHost supports IMAP (and IMAP over SSL if you want that).
I’m using RoundCube and it works great.

I use IMAP over SSL with my mail client, but I always get the certificate warning since I don’t have my own SSL certificates.

To the original poster regarding sharing subdomain files, there’s current thread on this type of setup: