I have several sites up and running perfectly. What I wanted to know is, does anybody know the exact way to implement the webpage “Counter” in order for it to start counting correctly? I tried everything in the counter instructions but was unclear about the linking phase.
Here is how it is presented:
“All Dreamhost site hosting plans give you access to our free counter script, which allows you to place a counter on your pages (even those on non-CGI enabled plans!). All you need to do is create a link to the counter script, specifying a location to a data file which stores your count.”- How do you create this link? When I did this in my program Dreamweaver, it simply links to display the file created and cannot do so. For instance, I created a file called goof.dat. Then linked to that file in Dreamweaver. And then when you run your mouse over the displayed counter it wants to display the file. A wrong move…

“The counter script automatically creates a new data file if you link to it, with the count starting at 0. If you’d like a number other than 0, please contact tech support.”- This does not work with my configuration.

“Copy the following image tag HTML into your page for a quick and easy counter. Remember to change the data file from ‘username-countername.dat’ to your own name. Optionally, you can specify the counter style (as shown below) as well. Just add the indicated paramaters to the URL below.”- I did this, but what “username” do I use? I used my dreamhost username like this johnny77-goof.dat as is displayed below.

< img src=‘’>

All I get is a counter with a “1” displayed at the location where I placed it on the page when displayed in one browser,. when I used a second browser to view the page I got the same number as though it is not counting visitors. What is going on here?

From the counters page–
“Note that the counter doesn’t update when the same person looks at it twice in a row, so don’t be surprised if it stays the same number even as you reload it. This is to prevent people from artificially inflating your count.”

I’d suspect it uses IP adress for this so it doesn’t matter if you used a second browser on the same machine it still only counts as one visit