I’ve read all the instructions for putting a Dreamhost Counter on my site, but I am unsure where the data folder that I create will be stored. Does this file reside on my hard drive or on the server?

Nancy Frey
Lorne Park Productions

The file is created on one of our servers, and you don’t have to do anything to create it! Just name each counter with a unique name; we prefer the format username-countername.dat. Do NOT call your counter ‘username-countername.dat’ - you should combine your username (let’s say ‘foo’) with a countername (say ‘index’ for your main page. The countername is arbitrary but should be different for each page you put a counter on.

So in this example, your counter would be ‘foo-index.dat’.

Also note that the counter code as listed doesn’t work perfectly with all styles - the best way to get the code for a particular counter is to look at the sample you like on and then right click on it and open it in a new window. Switch the URL in the counter code with that URL, but replace sample.dat with your countername.

If you want to make the counter hidden, you can set the image size to something really small (say 2 pixels x 2 pixels) and then just bookmark the URL of the actual counter.

Hope that makes sense; contact us at support if you have any difficulties getting your counter working.

Reading this, I figured out how to resize my counter, but… how do I change the color of the numbers? I like the Stock C numbers, but I want to make it gold (#d7e8a2) instead of the white. Any suggestions how to?

The counter numbers are images, so there’s unfortunately no way to change the colors.

How about setting up an area where DH users can create their own number GIFs and contribute them to the collection?

Whoops, I guess I should submit that as a suggestion… :slight_smile: