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subject: Canned scripts Counter

example code:

<img src=''>
This fails the W3c validator for XHTML 1.0 Strict

converting “?” and “&” to either

Which both fails validation and script does not work

URL Code % 3F % 26 which validates but the script still doesn’t work.

What URL can I use to satisy the validator while getting accurate result from a visible counter?

Thanks in advance to replies.


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Yeah, that canned script is ancient; I’m not surprised it doesn’t validate. :wink:

You can use pretty much any script you want on DreamHost, and the web is lousy with “counter scripts” - I suggest just finding one that you like that validates and use it. Google or ought to give you plenty of choices. :wink:



Have you tried using an named HTML character entity?

ampersand: & amp ;

The question mark shouldn’t need to be escaped …

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I got it working ty

using & #38 ; for & did not work
so I changed it to & amp ; and worked well

I would post the code, but [ pre ] on this board converts codes into their characters… duh.

this bbs looks like old matt script wwwboard,

is it?

DH should use this Perl BBS :smiley:


Nope, but it is from the same era. :wink:

There is some historical information about this software available in the comments of this Unofficial Dreamhost Blog post, if you are curious.