Could you give a backup of our sites please?

We had rent a virtual machine from DreamHost this year. But this month, one unhappy thing happened, a hacker put a IRC script in one of our sites, and began to download ‘illegal’ movies.

Later, administrator of DreamHost disabled all of our accounts. We can not access either site binded with them. We know we should take this punishment in hand, although this is not our fault.

Right now, we just hope the administrator could give backup of our data. Because we have no ability to backup them by Shell or Ftp. And other accounts in that virtual machine didn’t do any illegal operations. We are all innocent victims.

Thanks for the administrator could give us an approach to backup our data. Thank you!

Dreamhost User: johnus

Lewis Lv

This is a customer-to-customer forum. Have you tried emailing or [contacting support] via this contact form?

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Hi Lensman,

Thank you, I have try to use ‘support’ feature in manager panel. But I can’t write any message to supporter. Because administrator disabled all of them.

You email address and link would be very useful if DH manager can take a look. Nice folk, thank you again.

That is indeed an unfortunate circumstance.

Do you know how the “hacker” gained access to your site? What leads you to believe that the site was hacked instead of the activity being conducted by one of your users?