Could someone please look at my site

My name is Robert. Could someone please look at my website and let me know if anything looks wrong or doesn’t work properly.
I have a few problems I can’t solve.

  1. On 2 pages, the Safe Space page and the Weekly Schedule page, the entire body of the page starts off screen, you have to scroll down to see it. It doesn’t look that way on my computer but when I go to use a PC, these two pages are way off. I can’t find any explanation in the code I’ve written.
  2. The link between the Attending A Program page and the descriptions of the programs on the Attending1 and Attending2 pages doesn’t work anymore. It did yesterday, not today. It will link to the page but not to the specific word I have programmed it to bring to the top of the screen. It seemed to stop working after I made a change in my CSS file. Is that linked? Help!!!
  3. I am assuming my external CSS page is working and the code is correct but when I go on a PC the font is larger, the photos are larger, it takes up more space on the screen than at home on my Mac. Is CSS supposed to correct this, or are some things going to vary from machine to machine?
    Thank you for any help anyone can offer. I just can’t find the problem in the code for these 3 issues.
    Hopefully you can.
    Thanks, and any feedback on the site is welcome as well.

To be honest I couldn’t find anything wrong. Looks great, links all seam to work. Try clearing the cache on your browser, maybe you are viewing an older version.
BTW, My system is IE 7, windows xp, 1024x768 res. and yes the screen can look different on other computers as most screen references are relative, for example using percentages for the height and width in your css file.

Yeah, it’s busticated in IE6. Either something in the sidebar or in #main is a bit too wide and is causing the float (#main) to drop down.

Adding :

#main { width:496px; } /* was 500px; */

to the head of the schedule page fixes it. Not sure what item is too wide, but you can comment out/remove bits until you find the culprit (maybe those tables?)

You have some html errors that you should fix though as they will make the rendering more unpredictable (remove that anchor at the top of the schedule page). The validator at W3 is your friend:

Hi Robert,

Your site looks fine here, I am using Firefox under WindowsXP Pro with a screen resolution of 1920x1200.

All links that I tried seemed to work fine.


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Thank you all for having a look. In reply to number-six, I went ahead and added the to the schedule page. Would you mind checking it again and seeing if it is fixed? I also went to the validator website and ran all of my pages through. Thank you so much for that site. I fixed most of the html errors.
2 things I am still unlcear about.

  1. I got this error on just about every page but didn’t know how to fix it. It says, “an attribute value literal can occur in an attribute specification list only after a VI delimiter.” It was talking about this line…<a href="/“home.htm”>font size=“2”>Home.
  2. Also, I got rid of the <a name=> tag around the at the top of the pages but I can’t get a link to work that will go to the top of a page when I have already linked to a word on the same page. Example: On the schedule page there is a link from the names of the parks to the locations of them further down the page, but when I want to use a top of the page link under them, it doesn’t go to the top. I press it once, nothing happens, press it the second time, and it works. Any ideas???
    Thank you so much for all of your help.
    Also, if I may ask, the safe place page, which is a link from the attending a program page is busticated just like the schedule page used to be, however there is no table on this page. Should I use the same tag you suggested on that page too?

<a href="/“home.htm”> See the double quote between the / and home, that needs to be removed.
As far as jumping to the top of your page, find the first tag below the body tage and add your name tag there. If you can’t for some reason, there is nothing stopping you from linking to that page, to bring you back to the top, this will cause the page to reload though.
Example your home page to jump to top of page could be Top of Page
Another question for you, what type of declaration are you placing at the top of your pages?
Reason I ask is in your link you added the font size=“2” This should really be placed in your css file or add an inline style and do away with that tag all together, because the font size tag has been deprecated, besides the greater and less than brackets are missing. Should be
The line should look like this Home

I believe you will find that to be more or less true depending uppn the browser used to view the page. I know it “shouldn’t be that way”, but it is. Netscape and Mozilla based browsers handle that diifferently than IE Now that I think about it, I have not checked that behavior in Opera, Konquerer, or any of the assorted Mac browsers, so I suppose it might just be an “IE” thing (which, Gawd Knows, there are more than enough of).

At any rate, you are likely to find that to get that to work consistantly across all browsers, you may need to, though I hate to say it, code in some tests for user agents and provide different HTML depending upon the browser. Frankly, for the “minimal” extra convenience it really brings to the table for users, I’m not sure I would bother.


Thank you all. I have solved all of the issues I know that I had, thanks to everyone’s input. I appreciate it greatly. I am just a novice in this arena so it is really such a great experience to have people giving their knowledge to one another for free.
Thanks again.