Could not instantiate mail function

On three different domains I am getting this message: Could not instantiate mail function. This is coming from a Joomla component. At first I thought it was the component so I uninstalled it even though it was previously working. I put another contact form up and got the same message. I noticed the same thing with three other domains running Joomla. I have a ticket into support. I imagine this must be some problem with the mail server(s) but that’s a guess. Any thoughts?

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Is there an option for SMTP authentication for mail in those modules, or somewhere else in Joomla?


Hey Scott!

I’m working on it with a tech right now. It appears to be a postfix permission issue. Two of the sites are now delivering mail and a third site’s Could not instantiate mail function error has gone away, but no delivery of mail yet. I’ve checked the junk. Settings.

I am also getting the same problem on my site. On registration of new user this error comes. My site name is