Could not connect to SSH


Hi all,

Am working with a community website, where users can upload videos of any type and convert it to flv through a converter.And i found from this document

I need to connect to SSH, I tried with PUTTY and my connection failed,(with my ftp username and password)

Please guide to to do so, as am a beginner in this FFMpeg.

I tried to run it my local windows server but the FFMPEG is not working (Not installing).

How could i connect through SSH ??


Check in the web panel to make sure your user is “ssh enabled”, as described here:

Just curious - what are you wanting to convert videos on a webserver instead of doing that on your own computer (or having your users do that via Youtube, or on their own computers). These are, after all, “shared” servers, and it is generally not a good thing to use them for heavy data processing tasks. :wink: