Could already be taken?

I recently registered with Dreamhost and have been messing with my site ( a bit today to try and see what I can do. I have uploaded a few images and an HTML file to the site directory, but the site still does not seem to be working. When I try to view my site, instead of seeing what i coded I am seeing an Apache 2 Test Page. I was checking the WHOIS record for the site ( and it seems to be registered with GoDaddy until 2010. Is my domain already take, or am I doing something wrong that is making me see the Apache test page?

If you’re the Registrant, head on over to GoDaddy and change the Domain Name Servers (DNS) to point to the Dreamhost ones.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

I’m not the registrant on GoDaddy.

Then I’m afraid you don’t own :s

Did you try to register here or something?

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

What dos it say on Domains > Registrations in the Web Panel???

:cool: -//-

Ah, i see what happened.
I didn’t know I had to register the domain; thought that was done when I signed up.

That’s weird though. Why did I have to keep trying domain names until I got one that was available, when it turns out that it isn’t available after all? I racked my brain for twenty minutes at sign-up trying to get a domain that wasn’t taken…

Make sure they didn’t rip you off the $9.95 credit for the failed registration :wink:

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Depends on where you tried searching for the unused domain name.
Back in the days when I used NoDaddy as registrar I found an expired domain (.com) name I was interested in but failed to register it immediately.
Several hours later when I tried to register the name I found it was already taken and was offered several alternatives all of which were more expensive tlds.
I refused to believe such an obscure name would be taken in a matter of hours and bided my time. 2 weeks later I managed to register the ‘taken’ .com with NoDaddy. Ever since I been suspicious of their business practices.
Your interest in that name might have triggered the registration in the hopes of a sale sometime. Interesting to check when it was registered.

Edited: Looks like I am wrong in this instance - was registered in 1994. So some kind of glitch is the more likely explanation.

I have a similar problem as the original poster (funnily enough also with a domain registered to godaddy). The question I have is what to do now - without occurring extra cost. My guess would be to “delete” the domain in “manage domains” and register a new one, but would that then cost extra? And would the domain be automatically linked to the web space ?

Manage Domains isn’t registration. It’s just the hosting. Since situations differ, what, exactly, is yours? Is your GoDaddy domain past expiration date?


As in amardeep33’s case the system did not tell me that the domain was already taken. I do not own the domain and just want to get rid of it now and chose another one, but I want to make sure I do it in such a way that it does not cost extra moeny.

When I check the manage domains screen at Dreamhosts the entry for the domain reads “Registration: Unknown”.

Whether a domain is taken or not doesn’t indicate much. Hopefully, a domain is taken when you set up hosting. It’s just that the system has no reliable way of finding out if it was taken by you.

Once you have a hosting plan, you can add as many domains and subdomains as you’d like for no additional charge. But you need to Register a domain before you can host it. These are two separate steps. Start with Registrations if you want your own domain name. Otherwise, you can create an site on your existing plan without having to pay for a registration. Just pick a subdomain instead of EXAMPLE and you can begin.


Did you already edit your basic profile? There you will get the Web column, you can insert your address there… And you can see in the optional who’s online, click your user name and see there… That will show your html… Maybe this you means…

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