*cough* I was once banned from the service

Well, you see, I once used to have a DH-account. I was also once a bad evil genius and I screwed up. With that, my account disappeared into thin air (I mean, my website no longer really existed and there was little I could do).

Now it’s been months and months, and I’m looking to pull my creative strings into a harmonic symphony of total awesomeness (whatever that’s supposed to mean).

Since the e-mail services take too long (from experience I’d know), I’d like to know whether Dream Host allows for previously locked-out users to come back and make amends, and I’m asking the question on the forums.

If my topic is magically deleted, I’ll understand why. :slight_smile:
…Now to go ahead and post, and see what happens. inhales

[quote]If my topic is magically deleted, I’ll understand why. :slight_smile:


It didn’t look like spam, so no problem.

Sounds like it could have been worse than chargebacks; no mercy. :wink:

But a new name, new credit card, and new domain should get you back in the door. (Try some good promo codes, like 777, 888, 9999)

To get any kind of definitive answer to this question, I am guessing that you are going to have to send that email.

Personally, I don’t like your chances, but it’s worth asking.


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If he did that, wouldn’t that confirm that he is still a ‘bad evil genius’? :stuck_out_tongue:


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They may not even be able to accept you if there was some sort of billing or credit card issue their system might “scrub” (i.e. reject) you automatically, it may be even handled by a third party biller.

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Thanks for the support so far.

The reason for why I’m not going to simply start a new account, get a new domain and pay once again, is pretty simple: I’ve read the ToS, and guess what, I’m not allowed to set up a new account if I already have one (which I do, even though it’s useless).

So yeah, that wouldn’t look very good for someone who is doing his best to avoid further mistakes.

The best thing I can do now is send the crucial e-mail and see what happens. Thanks to you all!

I think that is your best option. Of-course, a lot depends on exactly why your previous account was suspended. As pointed out by JohnGalt above, DreamHost has a zero tolerance policy on matters such as chargebacks, but I suspect that your problems stemmed more from site content than any financial dealings.

Good luck with the email and I sincerely hope it all works out for you.


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http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showflat.pl?Board=curious&Number=66248&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=14&vc=1 That is the URL of the topic I started earlier. It pretty much sums up my issue. What I did was: I mail-bombed a few people, as a test of the PHP mail function. With that, I also had a proxy that your abuse staff didn’t trust (for some reason) and I had a “mail to me” script which was not very secure. Now it’s been months, and I’ve learned my lesson, and the overall disk-space for each account is dropping every day.

:frowning: Is it okay for me to start using the service once again?

  • That was my e-mail to them.

Well, all you can do is try, at least you are being honest about the situation.

If things don’t work out, you can always start fresh with another host, there are plenty of them out there, although none (in my opinion) offer as good a deal as DreamHost.

Be sure to let us know how it turns out.


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I’ll suggest you to show them the prove that you do have the account. They may not be able to trace because the account is magically gone. Forward them your receipts, bills, invoices, anything. It is their responsibility to get your account back – magically or normally

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Nathan823, my account was disabled. Though it still exists. Sorry about the annoying wordplay, that’s what I was trying to say.

[quote]Sorry man but we will never be able to provide you with >hosting again.
Have a nice day.




Wow, that was subtle.

“Have a nice day”, how about talking to me in a way that doesn’t make me into a robot? If they can’t offer me hosting again, even with the money, the knowledge and the ability to agree, then it isn’t “have a nice day” which I should be hearing, it’s “We hate you, so um… rot in hell!”

The funny part is, maybe in ten years, I’ll ask again and they’ll reply with same e-mail. Why is it so hard just to say “Maybe…”? (I didn’t mean that literally)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who tried to help me.

[quote]>Sorry man but we will never be able to provide you with

[quote]hosting again.
Have a nice day.[/quote]


I guess the result wasn’t entirely unexpected and at least the reply was honest and to the point.

Oh well, like I said above, there are many other web hosts out there for you to make a fresh start with, so it is not the end of the world.

Good luck (and thanks for coming back with the result).


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I was monitoring your thread with interest - it’s not often that one tries to regain an account after being disabled, and I was impressed with your apparent transparency in trying to “start over” - until this stupid remark.

If that statement accurately evidences your level of maturity and understanding of the business aspects of your situation with the disabled account, they should not even consider doing business with you again.

It’s got nothing to do with “hate” - a business has wide latitude in deciding how they do business, and who they do business with.


Yeah, there are plenty of other companies offering 1000MB of space (WOW! FOUR DIGITS!) and 5GB of bandwidth (“GB”!).
And who doesn’t like those little pictures of people wearing business suits and smiling? Me.

To be honest, $99.99 off, 198.5 GB of space, and 2TB of bandwidth. Where else am I going to get that? When I ask again, their “overselling” habits would have faded, and what I’m looking for would’ve been gone. [I edited out the remark made]

“Have a nice day” isn’t really going to work. I give up. :frowning:

re: “Have a nice day.”

I don’t think it’s so much about “maturity” per se, unless one takes into account that quality as a means to not take things so personally or allow a simple business rejection to get under one’s skin.

I use three hosting providers other than DH and there are plenty more out there. If DH were to (…for whatever reason) decide that my business aint worth the risk, then so be it. I’m no more crushed than I’d be if the supermodel at the end of the bar refused the drink I tried to buy for her.

Although all-in-all, I think I’d tend to agree with the OP that “have a nice day” is an annoyingly trite closure. I think a more to-the-point explanation with a “thanks for your inquiry and good luck” mighta been a bit more apropos (and professional).

Those are all good points and valuable observations (though I would be a lot more disappointed about the supermodel at the end of the bar refusing my drink than I would about a webhosting company rejecting my business!) :wink:


I stumbled upon ixWebHosting, and I hate their Terms of Services. The only thing that strikes me is that they’re limiting what you can do, for no reason. Adult websites aren’t illegal.

I arrived at HostMonster, and it’s not enough.

Ugh, the reason that I was so disappointed was because I actually thought that DH had done the right thing, and suited my needs entirely. I’m searching and I’m not finding.


Nice analogy with the supermodel, I laughed at loud.

You might try Lunarpages - although the limits are lower, they seem to be another one of the “good guys” out there.


I’m not sure whether it was Serpentine or SerpentSkies.
Since it’s useless now, I have no problem giving it out.

Why ask?