Okay I am clear onthe bandwidth question, Thank you verey much for explaining that to me. 1 more question. When I do web hosting and I do a live adiou stream. If I am given upload limit 60 GB Disk Space and 1,500 GB Monthly Transfer. Now if I am playing a mp3 song, does it go against my 1,500 when I upload it to my web hosting, and/or does it go against my amount for every listener I have. Meaning that If I have 10 listeners they would eat up more of my upload limit then 1 listener? Or does it only apply to what I stream top the server/web page/ser/host. That any amount of listeners can listen and this does not effect my 1,500 limit? That the only issue in regards to listeners is the bandwidth to make sure that it does not get choppy. THanx again for your help. you guys have been great. Kory

Yes, the bandwidth consumed will be directly related to the number of people listening (streaming) your audio file.

However, as someone else stated in your other thread, I don’t believe you can stream ‘live’ audio from your DreamHost account. You can upload pre-recorded audio files and have people stream them, but (as far as I know) you can not stream ‘live’ audio.


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It depends on who you host with, because there’s no way Dreamhost will allow you to stream audio like that (as was already stated in your other thread).
So we can’t really help you there.

First, it’s better to continue on started thread, but well…
Second, to repeat, you can’t to LIVE streaming with dreamhost, but you can do streaming like youtube (with only audio for you).

Then, considering 128kbps stream, it takes about 1MB/minute.

So, with 1500GB/month, you can provide 1 500 000 minutes of stream per month for ALL your listeners.

If they listen to your stream average 60min/month for instance,
you can have 1 500 000/60 = 25 000 listeners.

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I understand that Dreamhost will not allow it, I am asking in general.

I think the suggestion by Gene, in your other thread, regarding a specialist audio/video streaming host, is probably the best option for you.


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If we can calculate the use of the bandwidth, how does shared server affect the bandwidth?

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negatively :slight_smile:

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