Cors AllowedHeaders?



I’m using jQuery fileupload to directly upload files from client to dreamobjects. To achieve direct uploads from client CORS headers need to be setup. I created a cors.xml and kept under root of my bucket. Wola the fileuploads are working from client.

I wanted to add some custom metadata to my objects thats where I need help. The custom attributes need to be passed as headers and I’m using s3 API so setting x-amzn-meta-category to set the value. Now CORS is faling as Access-Control-Request-Headers is always set to * by dreamobjects. The settings given in cors.xml are not read by dreamobjects.

Can anyone suggest a workaround/solution to add metadata to the objects directly from client?

Thanks in advance


Hi Kesav, CORS isn’t fully supported yet. It is something that is included in the Dumpling release of Ceph that we will upgrade to in the next month or so.


Any tentative time on when this feature will be available? Also is there any testing site we can do some testing.



The current plan has us upgrading the cluster to the Dumpling release of Ceph in November. This release includes CORS support.

We don’t have any public test clusters available for testing. However, you could setup Ceph in a virtual machine if you want to test and play around with the new features. There is an easy tool for doing so now -