Cornelius downtime?


Hi all,

Does anyone know how long approximately cornelius has been down for? I only noticed my site down a few hours ago, but would like to estimate my downtime.



There’s nothing in the status blog. What’s your URL?



as in my profile:


I rarely poke around in profiles. It’s working for me. A bit slow, but that may be my work connection.



that was not my question… I am aware it is back up… I am wondering how long it was down for.


Ah, got it. If you can log in to the shell, type ‘last’ and that’ll give you a pretty good idea of the outage window. It’ll show you when people have been logging into the server. lastlog usually also shows shutdowns and reboots.

Edit: However this only shows machine uptime. If it was just the Apache server that died, then only DreamHost knows. If you use a free (or paid) monitoring service, it may give you better information.

You may also look through your /logs directory for timestamps of the activity on your site.


Thanks for that tip.

I was primarily hoping someone else hosted on that machine who might have been having the same problem noted the start time more accurately than I did. I’ll try the last log though… and of course web stats should show pretty well when start and stop time is.