Coraline theme - how can I remove the "links"

This is a wordpress theme for a site that I’m helping a friend build.

I mostly LOVE the Coraline theme but I’d like to remove the links header on the side bar.

Any help is appreciated.



are you building this site here at dreamhost, or over at network solutions?

In general you use a little bit of css to hide things, but since the site has a network solutions under construction banner on it we can’t really look.

Mostly this forum is for folks building sites at dreamhost.

hi lakerat!

I’m building this in dreamhost.


I’m looking at a demo screen of Coraline. It looks like the default layout includes a handful of widgets.
With widgets, if you don’t manually set them, the theme will use a default set. You will have to use wp-admin to modify Appearance-> Widgets to place the ones you want in the sidebar.

thank you!