Copyright Mark on Photos

Anyone have a suggestion for a free or low cost app that will automatically put a transparent copyright mark or copyright text on photos as they upload? The catch is that it needs to disappear once the customer has bought the right to download. I need an automated process.

Check zenphoto. There is definitely the ability to automatically add the watermark. There are various plugins available that may allow you to sell. I don’t use it for that so I’m not sure.
It can also be configured to zip and download albums.

Aha, that’s more than once zenphoto has been mentioned. I’ll check it out.


one important thing tho:

The zenphoto one click install from dreamhost is ‘simple’ only. DON’T USE IT.

Download from the zenphoto website and install in your own directory.

Otherwise you won’t have access to your /albums folder and you will want/need that. Plus you can’t really customize the theme.

just follow the standard install instructions on the zenphoto website. Zenphoto used to be harder to install on dreamhost but it’s not anymore, you can follow the standard install instructions.

I know very little about zencart, but I don’t think they are related to each other. Zenphoto is an open source project.

Surprisingly, no! As far as I’m aware, Zenphoto and Zencart are two completely separate projects.