Copyright infringement problem


I submitted a DMCA notice around 3 weeks ago and have not received a response.

I have tried sending follow up emails, but no one replies.

I have tried calling but no one answers the phone. I have left messages but no one returns my calls.

Does DreamHost honor DMCA notices or not?


DMCA against a website hosted on Dreamhost ? Contact a lawyer and a judge, otherwise we are not interested :slight_smile:

We do honor DMCA, but … calling what? We don’t have a phone number.

If you’re trying to email US make sure you use our form - - and tag it as an Abuse case.

As of yet no request has been honored.

DreamHost does claim to have a phone number and other contact information specifically designated for copyright infringement claims:

DreamHost’s Registered Agent for DMCA notices:
Attn: Karl Fry
707 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 5050
Los Angeles, CA 90017

As stated in my original post, I am not “trying to email you” I have actually submitted a DMCA notification to your designated copyright agent.

I would like someone to contact me immediately about removing my copyrighted material from your servers.

Thank you.

So is the contact information for submitting DMCAs not valid?

I am supposed to use the contact form now?

Guess both these pages may need updating.