Copying website did not work

I created a new website and copied over the files from an old one. For some reason, the .html pages are not picking up the style sheet, header or footer. I did this once before and it worked fine. The links are relative.

I assume I’m doing something obviously wrong, but it’s a mystery to me.


Can you post your site’s url?

Also, clear your browser cache, it may be calling up a cached version of your pages, rather than loading your new ones.

The original website is
The new website is

The homepage source code is:

Rider Research Group - The doctor-patient relationship is primary



Looks like you’re trying to use Server Side Includes, if that’s the case you’ll need to rename your page extensions to shtml instead of html


Thanks, but I ranamed the links and the header and footer extensions, and it didn’t help. Also, that doesn’t explain why the css file doesn’t work, or why the old website works fine with .html extentions.

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