Copying Secret Key?



Hi just getting started on the beta. I’m trying to connect to DreamObjects with Cyberduck. I’ve got everything set up in Cyberduck but when it asks me for authentication I can’t seem to copy the secret key from the DreamObjects “Manage Objects” panel. I can select the text but it won’t let me copy it.

In the meantime I’ll probably manually enter the key into Keypass and copy-paste it from there as needed but I’d like to have the option to copy the key directly from DreamHost, any suggestions?

Edit: I’ve tried copying and pasting the key into Notepad to see if the problem was with Cyberduck, but no luck, it won’t paste there either.


Hmm, you should be able to select (and copy) the key by clicking on it. What happens when you do that, and what browser are you using?


Clicking doesn’t seem to work either. I’m using FF 15.0.1 on Win7.


Thanks for the bug report. I’ve passed it on to our design folks, and it should be fixed soon.

For now, it looks like this bug only affects Firefox users when the key is automatically selected. You may be able to work around it by double-clicking the key after it shows up, then hitting copy. (You should see the text of the “Hide” button selected for a moment when you do this.)


OK, thanks.

BTW, Ctrl-C works with your method, but selecting Copy from the context menu doesn’t…