Copying from pdf ... anyone knows something?


Hi guys

I was trying to make an eBook. As I have understood that I need two things for that, a few html pages, and then a compiler. Well, I was having a few pages in pdf, and was wondering if there’s an easy way to convert them to html, instead of recreating the whole thing … may be even if I could save the pages as images … selecting a page and then copying directly from the acrobat reader works, but that takes a lot of time each time I want to copy that selected page … just wondering, if there’s an easier way out …

thanks for ur time guys …

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I’m not sure if common programs (like Word) might be able to convert your PDF files, but there are online PDF file converters like and



Do you have adobe acrobat? I’m not talking about the reader… but the program itself can export the pages to html.

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ah … i wish i had … for the moment i’m copying from the reader as image thro’ photoshop and making webpages with that image simply … :frowning:

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