Copying files on ssh

i was wondering how i could go about copying and moving files via ssh between multiple users

my dev and live sites are accessed via different users on the same machine, but i can’t copy between them because each obviously only has write access to its own directory

what would i do to say, move dir/file.php from my dev site to dir/file.php on another user?

I haven’t tried this myself but you could use a custom group. Go to the Panel => Users => Manage Groups and add a custom group that your two users are members of. Then they would have access to each others home directory as long as you haven’t set the permissions not to allow access to the same group.

As long as the users are on the same server you can use the Linux commands to copy and move files.

Say I’m in one of my home directories and want to copy a file I use one of the commands:
cp filename.ext …/other-user/filename.ext
cp filename.ext /home/other-user/filename.ext

For moving files, use mv instead of cp. You can use “cp --help” and “mv --help” if you want more information on how to use cp and mv.

well, i think that sounds good for my purposes for now, but is there a way to do such things remoteley without having to be in a group? for example, writing a file to a directory on any user’s account that you know the password of?

grouping the users together seems a bit insecure. my live site and dev site aren’t accessable by the same user and pass, but using this method renders that security useless

I guess you could use SFTP (or FTP but that’s not as secure as SFTP) from one of your user to the other user when you are using the shell.