Copying a Admin user VPS log file to non admin users directory

I have an admin user on my VPS - xxxxxx_stream and I have created a script that rolls over and then copies over the access.log to /xxxx/xxxxxx_stream/icecast2/logs/output/access.log.

I’ve setup a user on the VPS - stream_log_ftp and created a directory ‘log’ where I would like to save the access.log (copied by xxxxx_stream).
or…give access to xxxxx_log_ftp to
/xxxx/xxxxxx_stream/icecast2/logs/output/access.log so it can download and delete the file once a week.

MY log “crunching” software only has automated FTP and I would want to keep a simple FTP user for security reasons.

I’ve tried the instructions for GROUP accounts but xxxxx_stream doesn’t appear in the list on the VPS.

Are you able to advise how I can do this please?

[i]Thank you for contacting us. This type of question/issue is beyond the scope of support that we provide as its a development/programming issue.
Please note that we do not recommend trying to mix admin user with any non-admin user functions and vice versa as this is a major security risk.
If you like you can post your development/programing questions on our message board a .

Let us know if theres anything else we can help you with.[/i]

Could anyone advise if this is possible and if so how to as I don’t appear to be allowed FTP with Admin user?


Andy (with Dreamhost since 1998)