Copy some page contents onto another page at different sub-domain

This is for a church site.

The Pastor has a page for monthly comments. I want some of the comments, the first two paragraphs, to be copied from the Pastor’s page onto a section of the front-page/index-page (like an introduction or teaser for the whole content of the Pastor’s page.)

Is there a simple way to do this automatically? (The Pastor’s page does use some CSS, both inline and external.)

Does this require RSS syndication for the source page and RSS feed display for the destination page?

I am already using one RSS feed on the front-page/index-page (from an outside RSS feed). Is there possible contention if more than one RSS feed displayed on the page? (Current feed is using CARP.)



Still looking for a solution. Can anyone help?

I apologize for the delayed response here!

It’s tough for us to give you a solution without being familiar with the way your site is built. That would be one way to set it up – making an RSS feed for the pastor’s page and displaying the feed on the index. I cannot foresee any issues with displaying two different RSS feeds on one index page in different modules; I’m pretty sure that would work fine in most cases. We can’t help too much with custom CSS coding, but perhaps another forum member might have some knowledge in this area?

Many of our customers use a CMS structure for their site such as WordPress; I’m fairly sure a basic WordPress site with a couple of plugins would be able to do what you need, but it’s difficult to give guidance on a custom coded site like the one you’re working on and we would not want to steer you in the wrong direction. That said, here are some other ways you might be able to set up and display the feeds:

Thanks for the reply, DH_Elle S.

We went live with the site and I got busy with the page and links translation and rollout.

I will look at those links and see what works in our case.

Thanks again,