Copy/Move files between domains?


I am currently uploading some installation packages to one of my domains and am curious as to how to copy files between domains on my account. I attempted FXP’ing but it appears Dreamhost doesn’t support this approach.

Does anyone have some advice for copying files between domains (on same account) or is it a case that I need to upload everything on an individual basis or use get commands or curl from the shell of each domain?

Maybe it’s staring at me in the Panel but I have a cPanel background lol.


If by “same account,” you mean same user, then logging into Shell can do it:
cd ~/DOMAIN2

That’ll copy the source directory and its contents into your domain2 directory. You can type ‘man cp’ to get more info on how it works.



Thanks Scott.

Following up along those lines, I can enter domain directories from home with a user I created but an ls within the home directory throws me a permission denied (I have to remember what they’re named or I’m stuck!). Additionally I can enter some domain folders, but not others. I am sure I followed the same process on each when setting them up. The extra security setting on them is disabled in the Panel.

Shouldn’t there have been a root user created for my account when I signed up that has full privs on home and can view everything contained within it? If not, do I need to get Support to create one for me?