Copy and/or move files


I am trying to move around some items so I can simplify my directories a bit. I do not want to have to upload all my files again, but each time I try to move and/or copy a file to another location it will not do it. I do not get an error message or anything, just nothing. I have tried to change the permissions under properties, but that doesnt seem to do anything. Can someone tell me how to do this please?

Thank you in advance



Are you using a FTP program or the shell?
What software do you use?

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I just use

That is the only way I know how to do it, is this wrong?
As for software, Im not sure I know what you are talking about other than Explorer.


I don’t know about copying, but I use CuteFTP Pro for my FTP needs and it moves files around without transferring just fine.


I have that problem when I using filezilla…
but have no problem w/ Flashxp
I want to try smartftp later…



Nothing wrong in using the built-in client in Internet Explorer, but I guess most people use a dedicated ftp client, which can be more efficient.

There is a list of FTP software in the wiki. I think all of the programs will be able to copy and move files.

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When this happens to me with Filezilla I find I just have to click the refresh button. Things tend to just show as not moved because all the file locations are kept cached, so you may need to flush your cache with a refresh.