Coppermine Problems

I had my coppermine photo gallery at prior and pulled it up just fine. I backed up the sql file too.
Then I copied (not deleted, copied) the files over to their new directory at

The instructions on coppermine’s site say to do the following:
How can I move my gallery to another host?

  • Backup your files: FTP-download your complete coppermine-folder to your hard drive
  • use a tool like phpMyAdmin to get a dump (backup) of your mySQL database entries. More info here
  • verify your backup is working: check if the mySQL-dump contains all data (open the zipped dump file and use a text editor to view it)
  • on the new server: FTP-upload your coppermine-folder to the new server
  • CHMOD the folder /albums to 755 or 777 (depending on your server config]
  • restore the mySQL table by running the queries of the dump files you created in step 2
  • test-drive your coppermine gallery - you should be done

I did all of those steps, but when I get to the restore bit, I’m lost. Not to mention, somehow in all of this, the old gallery broke.
When I go to the new address, it gives me this error:
Coppermine critical error:
Unable to connect to database !

MySQL said: Access denied for user ‘ravencopper’@‘’ (using password: YES)

I would assume that’s because the sql data’s still looking at the old address and thus, the new ones don’t match up. But why does the old address now give me the same error?

Can anyone help me please?

I’m an idiot. Fixed it.