Coppermine installing problems

I haven’t even gotten past the install.php page, as Coppermine does not want to accept the MySQL information that I give it. For now it’s the MySQL host, I’m using, but this error keeps appearing:
"Could not create a mySQL connection, please check the SQL values entered

MySQL error was : Unknown MySQL Server Host ‘’ (1)"

I’ve tried putting in localhost, but that doesn’t work either. The database seems to be active, but I only started it yesterday, should I wait even longer? This isn’t my first time using a php script that requires a MySQL db, so I’m not completely clueless, but I really do not know what to do about this :confused:

Well, since I can’t ping or connect to “”, there must be something wrong, and it’s not with Coppermine.

Either you spelled the domain wrong at some point along the line (go to the DH control panel and make sure the actual database domain is spelled the way you think it is), it’s not active yet (though a day should be more than enough), or something else is wrong. Maybe you forgot to click “ok” somewhere and the domain/database never got added at all?

I copied and pasted (many times even) the hostname from my cpanel, plus my domain is pretty simple, a typo is very easily found. Everything looks normal, the database was added and is said to be active (just like with my other 3 databases which are working) and not ‘changed’. I think I might delete and then re-add the db completely and if that doesn’t work, contact support, but thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

edit: I re-added the db and it works! Coppermine was installed correctly :slight_smile: