Coppermine Image gallery Install probs

I am trying to install, get this:

“Coppermine requires that the php.ini setting ‘register_long_arrays’ is enabled in order to work with PHP 5”.

How do I do this?

Don’t know about that message specifically. I’m running three coppermine galleries just fine and for those domains I am running PHP4 as an apache module (“run as CGI” box unticked on the domain setting page).

I have to do that for a couple of the CPG functions to work (ecard logging, language setting).

I have coppermine 1.3.3 installed and can’t recall having that problem. I’m running PHP as CGI. You might try an earlier version and see what happens.


Darn I got this message too…is that the case with the new version? I guess I’ll try an older one… Let me know if you solve your problem, thanks.