Coppermine Help

I’ve used Coppermine on my previous host but they used Fantastico to install it. I downloaded the .zip file for Coppermine, but really I’m at a loss now. I also tried installing Gallery and I’ve read through the Gallery install instructions, but when I tried using Putty to SSH to my site it said only FTP connections were allowed and shut down.

I’m at my wit’s end…can anyone guide me through installing Coppermine or point me in the direction of a good tutorial for installing it with DreamHost?

I just want to upload pics of my son…

G’day, Yaz.

From the Knowledge Base:
“Important Note for New Accounts: For security reasons, new users are set up as FTP-only by default. If you want to have shell access for a user, you can turn on SSH for them by going to the Users > Users area of our web panel and clicking the [edit] link for that user!”
[Link to full KB article]

Guide for installing Gallery on Dreamhost.

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