Coordinating Blog, FB and HuffPost comments?

Hi there!

I have begun blogging and cross post to HuffPost, Blogher, my blog’s FB page. Is it possible to coordinate the comments, likes, shares, tweets, etc between all the places my postings appear?

If it IS possible, is there a reason I should NOT want to do this?

The reason I’m asking is I’m hoping to build on my momentum, showing all the comments, likes, shares, tweets: as of now, you only see that info on HuffPost while my actual blog doesn’t show the “real” numbers.

Thank you very much for any input you have to offer! I am a severely creative type who is slightly scared of tech and wandering blindly through my new blogging experience Smile

(ALSO: any tips of stopping spam? I have been targeted by a certain gun-loving group because of my essays and they are spamming the hell out of those posts on my blog. No one else can see it, it’s not that big of a deal. There is a catch thingy where you have to type in words before you comment, but that isn’t stopping it.)


Please don’t post the same topic to multiple sections of the forum. I’ve deleted the copy of this thread you posted to the Beginner’s Forum.

Anyways: Facebook and Twitter track likes/shares/tweets/etc on a URL by URL basis. If you’re cross-posting across multiple sites, you’ll need to pick one of the sites as the “canonical” location for any given post, and designate all of the posts on other sites as duplicates of the canonical post. For Facebook, you do this using the “og:url” meta tag; for Twitter, you use the “rel=canonical” meta tag.

Where this gets tricky is when it comes to sites that you don’t fully control. Designating a page as a duplicate of another page from Facebook and Twitter’s perspective requires inserting a variety of special HTML tags into the page, which not all sites will let you do. I’m not familiar with HuffPo or BlogHer from an administrative perspective, so about all I can suggest here is digging around in their settings to see if there’s anything that sounds promising. :confused: