Cool new promo codes

Did you notice that you can now use your own promo codes? See

I think it’s great that DreamHost invents these kinds of add-ons. I created one for myself just to try it out.

Question: Where are my promo codes listed so I know which I have?
A: I can’t see a list of those codes that I’ve created…?

Question: How should a promo code be entered (webform/URL)?
A: I guess the only place is the “promo code” field in the regular new-user signup process – right?

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The list of promo codes you’ve made shows up on the “home > rewards” tab… the same place you go to make one!

The only place to use those promo codes is when signing up for hosting, yup! Where else would you be able to use them? :slight_smile:

Finally, the reason anyone signing up with a promo code will be on the $97 one-time payment is because whatever discount you give people with your own promo code comes out of YOUR rewards payment… and if it was a recurring reward system it’d add all kinds of complexities and possible loop holes!


What about something like where we can choose recurring and offer 5% off for the life of the plan?

That’s not an option right now - I think it’s just too complicated and most people would not take 5% off each year when they can get an instant saving immediately. If you want, you can use the cool Dreamhost feature request thing and allocate some points to the idea. It’s “Suggestions” on your control panel.


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Sorry Josh, but no … I don’t see a list of promo codes on my Rewards page. In the promo section of that page, there’s just a link to create new codes. What should I be looking for?

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