Cookies are required to login


I’m having trouble logging into the control panel. It keeps telling me that cookies are required to login. i turned off my antiviruses, uninstalled them, then i went to internet options and allowed all cookies and even put on the accept cookies list then i rebooted comp and it still tells me cookies are required to login.

Any solutions?


Same problem here with iMac Safari 2.0. Works fine with Camino. ??


Same problem here, using Firefox 1.0.6 and Win XP.

I tried to delete all cookies from and but same problem. Something should have changed at DH panel recently…


Hey… It works on the same machine with Internet Explorer 6.0…


I had the same problem with Safari. I had to:
Quit Safari
Delete ~/Library/Cookies/Cookies.plist
Launch Safari

Then all was well again.



im using ie 6.0 and im getting the problem :frowning:


problem solved after deleting the cookie panel.dreamhost


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